ESCOTO CUSTOMS BROKERS, INC. was created with the strong conviction that, in order to make a difference in the import and export community, we needed to provide better Customs Brokerage and Logistics Services than what the market had to offer.

When we initiated operations in 1997, we wanted to be recognized by our customers as a “Person-to-Person Service Company”. That was our driving force back then and has become our trademark.

Our plans and objectives are driven towards a very simple statement. “To understand our customers’ needs and accomplish them”.

At ESCOTO, we take pride on the jobs that we perform. From clearing Customs at the border to any warehouse and logistic service, no matter how big or small your service needs might be, we dedicate and commit our efforts to be the best option for your company. We want our clients to know that we are part of their organization, and it is in our best interest to provide them with the best service available.


“With quality service and personal assistance, we strive to provide the best possible U.S. Customs, Inventory Management and Logistics Services solutions, in order to achieve a continuous working relationship with our employees and clients, based on a total customer satisfaction attitude.”